Student Leaders

Here at NLPS we are always finding ways for our students to step into leadership roles.

There are many formal and informal leadership programs we run each year and we are delighted to watch students take on the challenge. Our student leaders exemplify our five school values of responsibility, critical thinking, compassion, respect, responsibility and resilience.

During the covid-19 isolation the Respectful Relationships team showed their leadership by making a series of videos to entertain everyone at home & show how they can use their values during the tough time.

Respectful Relationships videos

School Captains

Four Year 6 students are chosen each year to lead our school. They are students that have shown attributes of leadership throughout their primary years. Among their many roles these students host school assembly each Friday.

Junior School Council

Each year, two students from each Year 1-6 class are elected by their peers to be on the Junior School Council.  Under the supervision of staff members, the group has a lunchtime meeting once a fortnight to share and discuss ideas about how to make the school a better place.

Art Captains

Three students are chosen to be leaders in our Arts subject areas (Visual Arts, Drama and Music). These student help encourage others to be more involved and get the most out of the arts programs our school has to offer. 

House Captains

At the start of each year students in Year 6 can nominate themselves to be sports captains. After presenting a speech at assembly on why they would make a great house captain, all students in Years 3-6 vote. Two captains are elected to represent Blue, Yellow, Green and Red house teams.

Respectful Relationship Leaders

Our RR Leaders are carefully selected at the end of Grade 4 and are entrusted with living and promoting our school values. This includes preparing videos that unpack and explain how to demonstrate each value, as well as presenting the fortnightly Values Awards at assembly. RR Leaders also work on one ‘project’ each year. These projects have included our A-Z of Respectful Relationships wall, as well as the Consent posters that can be found throughout the school.

Band Captains

Introduced in 2022, our school Band Captains help organise and conduct our school band. This includes preparing our band for performances as well as ensuring all band members are ‘ready to go’ at each of their practices.