The site is planted with mainly Eucalyptus camaldulensis River Red Gum and Eucalyptus cladocalyx Sugar Gum. These species are not recommended for planting within high use or risk adverse sites such as a school. River Red Gum is susceptible to decay which often results in limb failure while Sugar Gum is a fast growing species that holds all of its leaf, bud and fruit at the branch tips causing them to become very heavy and break in wind and rain events.

Decay has been found in all of the mature River Red Gums (Tree #1, Tree #2 & Tree #8) as well as an active split with a stem attachment (Tree #8). Given there is no treatment available for decay, these specimens have been recommended for removal due to their high risk of failure.

The Sugar Gums can be retained with pruning to improve their form and structure. Consideration should be given to removing these trees over the coming years and replacing them with a more suitable species for a school.

The recommendations should be carried out as per the timeframes outlined within this report.

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