“Without music, life would be a mistake”

Friedrich Nietzsche


In Music, all year levels will concentrate on learning composition, reading, performance and musical analysis as we closely study the elements of music, including dynamics, melody, harmony and texture no matter the instrument. Students at NLPS will undertake music for one semester every year as part of their performing arts subject. The sessions are one hour each week.

Junior Music

During their first few years at NLPS, the students will complete units on tuned and untuned percussion instruments, keyboards, ukuleles and singing while studying each of the musical elements. 

The students practise how to read rhythmic notation and construct beat patterns in order to  compose their own rhythms using conventional notation while performing using percussion instruments. The students learn how melody and rhythm work together to create different tunes and will discover this through practise and performance on various instruments.

They use their voices to explore musical elements such as pitch, rhythm and dynamics to communicate various emotions in music. The students also experiment with musical ideas to compose their own soundscapes to create stories focusing on instrumentation, texture and performance technique.

Year 3/4

The Year Three and Four students complete units on tuned and untuned percussion instruments, ukuleles, singing and keyboards. They learn how to read more complex music score of up to 4 parts, while learning to add in details such as dynamics, articulation and specific structure markings. The Grade Three and Four students start to look at a higher level of musical theory and closely study scores and various markings found in written music.

The students spend time discussing professional works in detail while reflecting on the elements of music. They practise analysing performances and discussing instrumentation and texture, as well has reflecting on emotions in music.

Year 5/6

The Year Five and Six program is heavily based around contemporary and popular music so we spend a lot of time with rock band instruments in our hands. The students get the opportunity to study both acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, voice, ukulele and some percussion. They spend a session studying each instrument and learning how to read chord charts, then the students are given a choice of which instrument they wish to perform on to complete a rock band project.

The students do a unit on composition where they are able to compose their own pop song or contemporary piece in groups using the knowledge they have gained in practise. The students use specific terminology to arrange their song to discuss structure and texture to become independent musicians in a rock band. 

Besides these ensembles and performances, our music program works with students writing their own compositions or smaller and independent ensembles, as well as teaching accompanying skills and musical arrangement sessions. We try to encourage students to perform and share music as often as possible, no matter what their talent.