Specialist & Support Staff

Specialist Staff

Ellen Morabito


“I love watching the children evolve from being students to becoming independent musicians.”

Terry Antoniadis

Physical Education

“Teaching is unique because everyday is different. I most enjoy celebrating student success and milestones.”

Laura Russell

Visual Art

“Art is about thinking! There is no right or wrong as long as you have a go!”

Lyndal Carrington


“Languages have always fascinated me… I want to spark and inspire our kids to develop a similar passion for knowing another language.”

Carly Bannon


“I’m passionate about supporting all the students I teach to reach their full potential and develop a life-long love of literacy, and learning, along the way.”

Educational Support Staff

Helen Hayden

“I love working as part of a team to ensure all children get the opportunity to fulfil their potential.”

Antonella Pappalardo

“I enjoy building positive relationships with the students and seeing them grow.”

Jacqui Quigley

“Coming to work at NLPS each day always has something different to offer. Watching the kids progress and having the opportunity to learn in so many different ways is both enjoyable and rewarding.”

Sophie Montgomery

“I enjoy coming to work everyday and providing support to both teachers and students. It is a joy to work in education.” 

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