Classroom Educators

Prep team

Tarsh Nicholson

“I wonder what nugget of wisdom or life lesson will emerge from a student today?”

Emma Govan

“Seeing the excited faces of my students as ideas are sparked and curiosity is inspired makes teaching not a job, but a passion.”

Diana Stefanovic

“Contributions made to the early years of a child’s education journey are the gifts that get me out of bed every day.”

Hannah Whitaker

We are excited to have Hannah in our Prep team of teaching staff in 2020

GRADE 1 Team

Amy O’Dowd

“NLPS is like a warm hug; I feel at home here and I always have. The sense of community that we promote and our strong focus on developing the whole child is at the heart of our work. Staff really respect and value each other, the students, and their families, and our ongoing commitment to professional learning demonstrates the fact that we as teachers never stop learning, just like the kids.”

Tammi Cordell

“I first came to NLPS in 2002. Our school has gone through many changes but I still love teaching here today as much as I did back then.  At NLPS we are inclusive and we celebrate and appreciate differences – I think that has been what has always made it a special place.”

Lee Rutledge

“I have taught here at Newport Lakes Primary School longer than any of the other teachers and that is testament to the fabulous school that it is. It is truly a special place that has always valued the sense of community. Staff, families and students have always made our school feel like my second home.”

Rebecca Barham

We are excited to have Rebecca in our Grade 1 team of teaching staff in 2020

GRADE 2 team

Heidi James

“Of all my different professional experiences, teaching is by far the most challenging and rewarding. I enjoy its complexity, creativity and continual learning. I hope to contribute to students feeling visible, listened too and that they each matter and can make a positive difference in the world.”

Ashlee Von Nagy Shacklock

“Teachers make a difference in the lives of students but students equally make a difference in the lives of teachers. There’s so much you can learn through every interaction.”

Denise O’Shea

“I appreciate and respect the unique abilities, skills and personalities of the students I teach. Making a positive difference to my students’ self-confidence and academic ability is what I love about my job.”

Paul Taylor

“It is an absolute pleasure to be part of the dynamic teaching team that facilitates the learning and development of our students at NLPS. I aim to inspire and guide young people to be the best version of themselves, simply by doing things better today than they did yesterday.”

YEAR 3/4 team

James Munro

“I hope to influence my students in a positive way so that they go out and always remember something they learned in my class.”

Ann-Maree Dawson

“Teaching children on their life long journey is exciting as I learn with them everyday.”

Warren Hales

“For me teaching is about encouraging the individual to become a self-motivated learner. I have always liked the quote,  ‘It is important that students bring a certain ragamuffin, barefoot irreverence to their studies; they are not here to worship what is known, but to question it.”

Eliza Wright

“I became a teacher because I have a passion for empowering young people to be positive, active and courageous, not only in their learning but in life.”

Carol Martins

“It is a privilege working with children. Each day they make me smile and feel hopeful about the world, and I hope I do the same for them.”

Narelle Taylor

“A sense of warmth and welcome is felt as soon as you enter the front doors and the small community school feeling, positive culture and respectful relations is exactly why I love teaching at NLPS so much.”

Trami Hoang

“I love being a part of the wonderful Newport Lakes community and seeing everyone come together – teachers, parents, students and the wider community – to create a learning-rich environment for all.”

Carly Bannon

“I’m passionate about supporting all the students I teach to reach their full potential and develop a life-long love of literacy, and learning, along the way.”

YEAR 5/6 team

Mathew Williamson

“As a teacher I hope to inspire students to be agents of change – within themselves, their community and our world. Every class I’ve taught has been unique, with the idiosyncrasies of students motivating me to provide meaningful and memorable learning opportunities, memories that we’ll reflect on years later, hopefully with a smile.”

Michael Morell

“It is rewarding to share my students’ ideas and opinions. It makes me feel the future is going to be an exciting and wonderful place.”

Alanna McGuire

“I strongly believe in education being the vehicle to social change. It is my aim to develop students who love to learn, who exceed their potential, who value their local and global communities, who can connect with others, who stand up for what they believe in and who go on to live happy and fulfilled lives. I hope to give students the tools to succeed and contribute positively to an ever-changing society.”

Erin Meade

We are excited to have Erin in our Grade 5/6 teaching team for 2020.

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