School Council

School Council Members

Meredith Kelly

President (Finance)

“I wanted to join the council to get more involved in life at the school and to provide input into decisions that will make the school experience better.”



Steph Viljoen

Vice President / Treasurer (Finance and Facilities & Management)

“If you want to touch the past, touch a rock.  If you want to touch the present, touch a flower.  If you want to touch the future, touch a life.” – Author Unknown

This has always been my motto in life and by helping my school committee I hope to make that difference.

Jo Sutton

Secretary (Community & Fundraising)

I love supporting the NLPS team behind the scenes in order to enrich our beautiful school community

Martin Foster

(Facilities & Management)

“I believe that after strong educational and support staff, the facilities and care services go a long way in helping families balance work and life commitments.”

Veronica Barbetta

(Community & Fundraising and Facilities & Management) 

I am really looking to supporting the school community through school council. NLPS has a wonderful spirit which I am excited to contribute to.


Lisa Faulks

(Community & Fundraising and Education)

I am really looking forward to supporting the school community.

Michael Annear

(Facilities & Management)

I am really looking forward to being a part of the school council to support the school community

Murray Hall


Parental engagement can help turn a school into a community. I’ve already felt the benefits of this at NLPS and feel compelled (and excited) to do my bit to make the NLPS community even stronger for the benefit of our kids and their families.

Being a member of Newport Lakes School Council is a rewarding way to be involved with the school and the community.

The NLPS Council is made up of parents and staff and meets twice per term. Elections are held at the start of each year and each sitting member serves a term of two years.

Our School Council plays a key role at NLPS, supporting our principal to provide the best possible educational outcomes for the students. All Government schools in Victoria have a school council, which is a legal entity, responsible for:

    • Establishing the broad direction and vision of the school within the school’s community
    • Participating in the development and monitoring of the school strategic plan
    • Approving the annual budget and monitoring expenditure
    • Developing, reviewing and updating school policies
    • Raising funds for school-related purposes
    • Maintaining the school’s grounds and facilities
    • Reporting annually to the school community and to the Department
    • Creating interest in the school in the wider community
    • Informing itself of and taking into account the views of the community
    • Coordinating and assisting with the major community events and activities
    • Regulating and facilitating the after-hours use of school premises and grounds 

School council do not manage the day to day running of the school – that job is reserved for the school principal!

Each member of the school council is expected to be an active member of a Sub-committee. There is also an option for members of the wider school community who may have relevant skills or experience to join the sub-committees.

These Sub-committees are:

    • Finance (School Budgets, Locally Raised Funds)
    • Education (Education Policy)
    • Facilities & Management (Buildings & Grounds, Out of School Hours Care, Hire Agreements)
    • Community & Fund Raising (Uniforms, Events, Parent Clubs, Fund Raising)