School Uniform

Where to buy

You can buy in store or online from Double C Jeanery located at 2 Aviation Rd, Laverton. (03) 9369 4307

Order Online

To purchase a school uniform online please use the website link below. Delivery is free to the school office on Friday during school hours. Deliveries to another address will incur an additional fee.


 The school uniform’s purpose is to promote;

  • a sense of identity and pride 
  • cohesion and good order in the school 
  • allowing all students to feel equal 
  • preventing bullying and competition on the basis of clothing 
  • ensuring students’ appearance reflects the expectations of the school community 
  • enhancing the profile and identity of the school and its students within the wider community 
  • strengthening the spirit of community within the school 
  • enhancing individual student safety and group security 
  • ensuring all students are dressed safely and appropriately for school activities 
  • encouraging students to develop pride in their appearance 
  • encouraging students to present themselves appropriately for a particular role. 


School Uniform

  • NLPS bomber jacket or rugby top
  • NLPS gold polo top (long or short sleeve)
  • Navy trousers / track pants / shorts / skort
  • NLPS bucket-style / legionnaire / wide-brimmed hat
  • NLPS beanie
  • NLPS rain jacket
  • NLPS tunic (to be worn with gold polo or skivvy)
  • NLPS summer dress
  • Grade 6 students will have the option of purchasing a Grade 6 bomber jacket and sky blue polo top

Socks and Footwear

  • Socks: white, navy or black
  • Stockings/tights/leggings: navy
  • Shoes: enclosed-toe school shoes or sneakers / runners

Download & read our full School Uniform Policy