Parents Club

The aim of our Parents Club is to bring the NLPS community together while having some fun. We raise funds for school equipment, resources for the children and also charities in our community. Some events that we run include:

    • Second Hand Uniform Sale
    • Cake Stall
    • Parent Social Nights
    • Icy Pole Day
    • Weekly Fresh Fruit Platter for Prep-Grade 2
    • Mothers & Fathers Day Celebrations
    • World Teachers Day Celebration
    • New Prep Student Play Dates

Parents Club is a great way to get involved with the school community, meet other parents & give back to our wonderful school. To get involved please contact us via

Parents Club Members

President: Lisa O’Brien Hynes

Vice President: Erin Stubbs

Secretary: Prue Handbury

Treasurer: Nicole Stupka


General Members:

Joanne Cheng

Hannah Bald

Michelle Kinniburgh

Catherine Grant

Maria Udovicic

Rachel Hoogstrate

Dewi Pearce

Tara Naylor