School Lunch Orders

Each Monday and Thursday students have the opportunity to purchase a lunch order. Orders need to be placed by 8:00am each of these days on the My School Connect (Download APP from here)

Lunch orders are delivered to school just before lunch time by KingWill Catering. ‘Lunch Order’ reps from each class collect the orders which are then handed out in class.

Remember to give your child a snack for recess!

When are Lunch Orders?

Each Monday and Thursday Lunch Orders will be available. ALL students are welcome to buy their lunch. Orders must be placed by 8:00am on each of these days.

Hot Food

Fried Rice – Bacon/Vegie $5.80
Bolognese Pasta (H) $6.45
Mac N Cheese (V) $6.20
Sausage Roll $5.10
GF Sausage Roll $5.00

Sandwiches & Rolls

Basic Jam/Vegemite $4.00
Cheese & Vegemite $4.50
Chicken (H) $5.50
Ham & Cheese $4.00
Salad $5.60
Tuna & Lettuce $6.40


Chicken Cheese & Mayo (H) $6.00
Ham & Cheese $5.50
Meatballs Sauce & Cheese (H) $6.00


Cheese & Vegemite $3.00
Cheese & Bacon $3.00
Margarita $3.00

Fruit & Veg

Apple $1.60
Banana $1.60
Carrot Sticks $1.60
Cucumber Sticks $2.20


Garden Salad $6.80


Natural Vegie Chips $1.80
Popcorn $1.40

Frozen Treats

Handmade Mango Ice Cream (DF) $3.80
Handmade Berry Ice Cream (DF) $3.80


Muffins (flavours change) $2.60
Slice of Banana Bread $3.00


Jo & Nicole are happy to answer any questions/issues you have, call them on:

Jo Williams 0402 781 496

Nicole Kingston 0409 115 944