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0:00 Transition Days & Early Entry Assessment Program
4:55 Getting your child ready for school      
10:10 Things to bring to school      
12:07 The School Day      
18:22 School Uniforms      
20:31 Communication      
24:08 Before/After School Care – Quantin Binnah      
24:38 Medical Information      
26:30 Parent Involvement at school      

Key Dates

Nov 18th & 19th 2020

Prep Transition Day.

Your child will be invited to come to school for 1 hour (in a group of 10) to meet some teachers & tour the school. Parents will meet a teacher at the school gate to drop off your child, then you collect them one hour later from the same location.

Mid/Late December 2020

You will receive an information pack with the 2021 Teaching team and your date/time for the Early Entry Assessment time.

Jan 28th - Feb 9th

Early Entry Assessment Program.

Your child will be invited to come in for 1 hour to spend time one-on-one with a Prep Teacher. Through an informal series of assessments the teachers will get an understanding of your child’s level in literacy & numeracy, learn their strengths & areas for growth. These assessments help teachers better plan classes to cater to the children’s learning needs. Your teacher will discuss the results at the ‘Meet The Teachers’ sessions later in Term 1, 2021

NB: During this week there is NO regular school, just the 1x 1 hour session.

Feb 8th 2021

Pupil Free Day. No School for all students.

Feb 9th 2021

Full time School begin for Preps. Monday – Friday 9am-3:30pm. 

During the first weeks of full time school your child will rotate through the 4 prep classes & teachers with a play based educational class. During this time Teachers will get to know all the children and allocate children/teachers to their set classes. Once this is complete you will be informed of your child’s class & teacher for 2021

March 11th 2021

Prep & New Families Picnic.

5:30-7pm at school we invite you to come and meet teachers, staff & other families. BYO picnic, drinks, rug & hats. Everyone welcome.

Prep information


We know choosing the right school for your children is a big decision. Meet our Principal Team & teachers in the videos below and come inside to learn about our school, what happens in the prep classrooms & the 5 specialists subjects we offer.

In the words of a 5 year old

“I love prep. My favourite thing is maths and lunch time because I get to go on the monkey bars. And P.E”