Health Information Night

The Student Wellbeing Team at NLPS will be providing an engaging and in-formative evening for all interested families, to bring you up to speed on our Health Curriculum.

We will be addressing the following questions…

Why is there now a big push to teach and learn about gender equality and respectful relationships?

Why are we now calling it ‘Health’?

What programs/resources are we accessing in order to teach the Health curricu-lum?

How often are we teaching/learning about Health?

What sorts of topics are covered at each year level?

What can families do at home to support Health?

How does NLPS teach the Health curriculum, while at the same time recognising and respecting the diversity that we have at our school?

Additionally, if you have a wondering about Health that you would like addressed on the night, that you feel is not included above, please email Amy prior to the evening at